About Me

Leah, 20, living with Nystagmus. – A visual impairment that affects about 1 in 1000 people, and causes the eyes to move uncontrollably, reducing vision.

Despite that, I’m a keen photography enthusiast – you can view my website here. Day to day I work in marketing for cyber security, and hope to link my photography hobby with my marketing training one day!


You can find out more about Nystagmus through Nystagmus Network (NN).
NN is a charity to help and assist people with Nystagmus. They do a lot of work to raise awareness for this not so well known impairment.


I have previously raised money and awareness for NN by doing ‘The Wire‘ on the 23rd January – I had two previous cancellations because of the weather. English weather! But we have finally done it! Sponsors are still appreciated.
You can view my sponsor page here