Finally have the courage to tell

Hi guys,

I finally feel like I can share the good news… I didn’t before because I was still so scared and felt like maybe I couldn’t do it.

I passed my driving test!!

I passed in February by learning to calm myself down to be able to do the number plate vision test. I still couldn’t do it when they first asked and they still had to measure out the correct distance with a tape measure but then I did it easily. And then I passed the test, first time too! 

The last few months has been draining on my emotions and I recognise what I can and can’t do on the roads. I think it will be a very long time before I hit the motorway, and I get stressed in busy traffic, but my best advice is to try and stay calm. Even if there is someone driving up your ass, trying to make you go faster,  if you dont feel like you can, then dont! 

I drove to somewhere I’d never been on my own for the first time last weekend and although it was only on the outskirts of town, I really felt like I achieved something. 

Finally, a big thanks to all my friends and family that encouraged me to keep going even when I was crying because I’d had a bad lesson or even after I’d passed. I really appreciate it even though I might not say it out loud. 

Here, have an embarrassing chuffed photograph of me.

Leah xx