Anyone else?

Haven’t posted on my blog for a while due to working and not actually having anything to post about. HOWEVER, I went on holiday a few weeks ago and whilst we spent the week in the idyllic French countryside we had the chance to see the stars properly (a lot differently to my normal city view).

Whilst it was beautiful and lovely to see, finding constellations proved difficult for my wobbly eyes and I just wanted to tell you a bit about it to see if anyone else has had the same experiences…

Whilst I could see that all the stars were very bright and white in the sky (unlike the smudgy red-ish sky of a city), when it came to pointing out specific groups of stars they all blurred together. They looked to me like stars with white lines in between – how I imagine a shooting star would look. I think this is because of the movement of my eyes so they appear in my sight to be moving, but so fast that they leave a little white trail.

I often get this with small lights such as the standby light on the TV (in the dark) and Christmas lights on the tree. It happens a lot more in the dark than the light – maybe because it’s harder to focus, or because the lights are brighter – I don’t know?

Anyone else know what I mean by this – very bad – description? I know it’s probably difficult for people without Nystagmus to imagine, but for me it’s an every day occurrence. It particularly impacted on the stars so I thought I’d share.

In other news I have my driving theory test next week and am particularly scared about the hazard perception test (UK theory test) because I find it hard to focus on the whole screen whilst lots of things are moving about. Can anyone share their experiences with this in the past? Did you have the same worries and how did it go?

Thanks for reading,

Leah xx