‘Don’t give up’ easy to say – not so easy to do

Just a quick update on the driving front:
I have had 2 driving lessons now and it’s going really well. I’m more confident that I thought I’d be and am so glad I persevered.

My driving instuctor is so lovely and I totally feel calm with her. She is so relaxed and explains everything so well. I already can’t wait to get on the road by myself and achieve what I never thought I would.

I’m only on my 2nd lesson so I’m sure I’ll have a few struggles along the way… I suspect nightime driving may be difficult and I haven’t had an issue with bright light yet but I’m sure the day will come. But I’m not giving up this time. Even having two lessons is a big achievement for me so anything more will be fantastic!!!

To all of you out there, those with Nystagmus, or those that know someone that has it, don’t give up hope. When I was diagnosed at 4 years old they told my parents I’d never have a normal life, and DEFINITELY no driving, ever. Well I proved them wrong.. and I’m proud to have succeeded at something I once got so upset about.

Thank you to my family, friends, work colleagues and my wonderful boyfriend for being so supportive – He even let me drive his car! 🙊

Onwards and upwards to the future. Keep hoping and trying and dont leave it 2 years full of disappointment like I did! Please comment your driving thoughts. I’d love to share stories or worries. 👀

Leah xx


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