5 Things NEVER to Say to Someone with Nystagmus

Spot on blog post by Sophie!

Nystagmus isn’t exactly the most recognised eye sight condition – around 1 in 1000-2000 people have it (that’s actually quite a lot if you think about it….) Most people don’t know how to react or w…

Source: 5 Things NEVER to Say to Someone with Nystagmus


Good News

So, last Tuesday (1st) I had the best day!

Months ago, I contact Jay Self, a Nystagmus researcher at Southampton General Hospital, and we arranged for me to take part in a study and get further tests done on my eyes.

So, last week we took the drive down south and visited the lovely Mr Self who made my year! After all the tests he said to me that I have great vision for someone with Nystagmus and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to drive.

I explained that I had previously been told this but am unable to read the number plate from the required distance due to being stressed (and maybe due to the font). For the first time in my life someone reassured me that we’d get me driving, and that there are other things they can do to help me!

Apart from that brilliant news, I also took part in the genetic study he is conducting and am glad to be a part of the research.

I have booked my first driving lesson for the 22nd March and will update you on how it goes – if it does that is. Hopefully I can manage to read the number plate… and hopefully it doesn’t take the whole hour!

Leah xx