My Eyes and Nature


On holiday in France over the New Year… and its the perfect opportunity for me to take some photos.

The little rural home and surroundings make amazing shots, and apart from that, I love exploring.

Having my camera lets me get my creative side into action… just because my eyes are wobbly doesnt mean I can’t take a good photo! My DSLR is my baby – Will upload more when I get home and have a laptop.

I love taking photos of the wildlife out here as I dont get much chance for that at home. I do find it harder to spot the little birds because of my eyesight – and I can’t focus as quickly as I’d like, but I still get some amazing photos with my zoom lens.

Today I experimented and took some sunset shots, and direct sunlight shots. I did struggle a bit with my light sensitive eyes – it just takes slightly longer for me to regain my sight after looking at the sun. Glad I persevered as I’m pleased with the shots and even found a horse to photograph on my adventure!

All I can tell any of you guys with Nystagmus is don’t give up. No matter what it is, just keep trying – yeah, it takes me longer to achieve the photos I want, but I love it and have found a great hobby out of photography.

Leah xx


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