People everywhere…

It’s come to that time of year… Christmas parties.

Whilst everyone else is excited to go out and have a good time, I’m sat worrying that I will have to walk into a busy pub by myself. I’d never realised my anxiety about this until last week.

I normally meet others before going out so I’m not by myself when walking in busy places – but this time I was on my own. I realise now, how much I constantly rely on others to be ‘my eyes‘.

The problem is I can’t scan a room quickly to find my friends or colleagues – I can’t make out faces from so far away. This results in me either staring at people, or just walking around aimlessly trying to find them!

I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it but I can’t help feel like people are looking at me. It really affects me because my Nystagmus has never hindered me considerably before, so I’m not used to facing difficult situations because of my eyes.

Luckily, this time, I managed to get a colleague to meet me outside the venue, but it didn’t stop the worrying beforehand. It drives me CRAZY.

Don’t forget to share your experiences – I’d love to hear them.

Leah x


3 thoughts on “People everywhere…

  1. Totally understand where you are coming from. All my friends know to watch out for me if we are meeting indoors. My best friends will meet me outside.


  2. Yes ive got that too, even if someone is picking me up with an car they have to stand outside of it or else i m afraid that i will step in a car with a total stranger in it. when im in a pub or disco i really dont go alone to the toilet because im afraid i cant find them back, and if i do go alone i ask them not to move to a another spot. I hate to wander around in a place totally disoriented because they have moved.


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