My Eyes and Nature


On holiday in France over the New Year… and its the perfect opportunity for me to take some photos.

The little rural home and surroundings make amazing shots, and apart from that, I love exploring.

Having my camera lets me get my creative side into action… just because my eyes are wobbly doesnt mean I can’t take a good photo! My DSLR is my baby – Will upload more when I get home and have a laptop.

I love taking photos of the wildlife out here as I dont get much chance for that at home. I do find it harder to spot the little birds because of my eyesight – and I can’t focus as quickly as I’d like, but I still get some amazing photos with my zoom lens.

Today I experimented and took some sunset shots, and direct sunlight shots. I did struggle a bit with my light sensitive eyes – it just takes slightly longer for me to regain my sight after looking at the sun. Glad I persevered as I’m pleased with the shots and even found a horse to photograph on my adventure!

All I can tell any of you guys with Nystagmus is don’t give up. No matter what it is, just keep trying – yeah, it takes me longer to achieve the photos I want, but I love it and have found a great hobby out of photography.

Leah xx


Light, lights, eyes

I was inspired to write this today because it was sunny… on Christmas eve.. in England, it was SUNNY.

It was raining before – of course – and the sun bounced off the shiny wet road. I couldn’t understand how my boyfriend was managing to drive when I physically couldn’t even look at the road. My Nystagmus eyes are so much more sensitive to light it’s mad…

And of course as it’s Christmas there are so many lights around – so I just wanted to share with you how I see them. House lights are particularly cool for me as they arent made up of little lights, they’re more like one big light. I imagine this looks better! 

And, little Christmas tree lights (or any LEDs) often appear as dashy little beams. It’s strange but it looks normal to me.

I do wonder what it’s like to see with still eyes. I’ve been a lot more concious lately of the way my Nystagmus affects me… I’ve had it for as long as I can remember so it’s all I’ve ever known, but I’ve been noticing things lately and asking questions to my non-nystagmus family.

Just a short one about my thoughts for today, and the last few weeks. 👀

Merry Christmas everyone and have a very happy New Year whatever you might be doing! – I’ll be in France visiting parents-in-law – off on Boxing Day!

Leah xx

People everywhere…

It’s come to that time of year… Christmas parties.

Whilst everyone else is excited to go out and have a good time, I’m sat worrying that I will have to walk into a busy pub by myself. I’d never realised my anxiety about this until last week.

I normally meet others before going out so I’m not by myself when walking in busy places – but this time I was on my own. I realise now, how much I constantly rely on others to be ‘my eyes‘.

The problem is I can’t scan a room quickly to find my friends or colleagues – I can’t make out faces from so far away. This results in me either staring at people, or just walking around aimlessly trying to find them!

I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it but I can’t help feel like people are looking at me. It really affects me because my Nystagmus has never hindered me considerably before, so I’m not used to facing difficult situations because of my eyes.

Luckily, this time, I managed to get a colleague to meet me outside the venue, but it didn’t stop the worrying beforehand. It drives me CRAZY.

Don’t forget to share your experiences – I’d love to hear them.

Leah x


I’m Leah, 19 years old, photography enthusiast, with Nystagmus – a visual impairment. A lot of people don’t know this even exists let alone that I have it. It affects 1 in 1000 people. The condition causes your eyes to ‘wobble‘ or ‘shake‘ uncontrollably, reducing my vision.

I started this blog because I have just set up my first fundraiser to raise awareness for Nystagmus Network – a charity that helps people with Nystagmus. I wanted to share my experiences of living with Nystagmus with others, with or without the impairment. I wish I’d had something like this when I was younger!

It is currently forecasted for me to complete ‘The Wire‘ on the 23rd January – but after two previous cancellations because of weather this may have to be put back again. English weather!
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First real blog post coming soon!

Leah  x