I’m Leah, 20 years old, photography enthusiast, living with Nystagmus – a visual impairment. A lot of people don’t know this even exists let alone that I have it. It affects 1 in 1000 people. The condition causes your eyes to ‘wobble‘ or ‘shake‘ uncontrollably, reducing my vision.

My blog is about my life with Nystagmus.

I’ve tried to never let my Nystagmus hinder me. When I was diagnosed at around 4 years old, the doctors told my parents I’d never live a normal life and definitely no driving, ever. So far, I’ve been to mainstream schools, passed my GCSE’s with flying colours, gone on to complete 3 A-Levels, and was accepted into university. But, the biggest achievement for me was finally being able to have driving lessons and pass my test – after being disheartened for so long after I booked one when I was 18, and then couldn’t do it as I couldn’t read the number plate from 20 metres (despite previously testing it). Back then, I was so scared about driving and as a result my eyesight obviously deteriorated. For two years I believed I’d never be able to drive. However, I then visited Southampton Hospital to have lots of tests done and saw Dr Jay Self, who encouraged me to try again.

I’m currently aiming to raise money and awareness for the charity so researchers can do more to understand this condition, and maybe one day find a way to help. – At present, there is nothing to cure Nystagmus as doctors and medical experts don’t know enough about it. I am actively involved in research projects as a very valuable guinea-pig 🐹